To the Point Sharpening Services is a locally owned Professional Sharpening Business that does a wide range of products. Having a long sharpening history from a family sharpening business started in the 70’s; To the Point Sharpening Services was started by Jeff Spada to fill a void in our area.

We specialize in high-end beauty, barber and grooming scissors and shears, personal, craft, and fabric products.

We also do a wide array of items such as chainsaws, garden tools, lawn mower blades and more.

We specialize in knives and kitchen cutlery. We provide high-end Japanese cutlery sharpening to exacting tolerances and finishes required by these specialized knives.

We are a distributor of SHUN CUTLERY with the ability to provide you these quality products at discounted prices.

We will continue to expand in the salon, barber and grooming scissors sales with quality products that we can save our customers money.


We provide knife sharpening services tailored for those with budget-friendly items who desire a sharp knife without requiring the specialized high-end finish or expense associated with professional chef's knives.

We will offer:

**BASIC SERVICE which is a very good sharpening process with post honing that is very sharp offering a finish slightly rougher in appearance which many like for cutting - similar to factory knife edges - pricing ranges vary but are lower than the ELEVATED SERVICE. Reach out to us for details and pricing! 

**ELEVATED SERVICE where blades are sharpened using a combination of Japanese WhetStone (that induce no heat into the blade), honing and/or stropping that will provide a polished or even mirrored finish to the blade. This is a preferred finish. This is a very precise finish capable of razor like cuts in most cases - pricing varies. Reach out to us for details and pricing! 

**REPEAT SERVICE (PILOT) where blades that are sharpened more routinely. Regular customers will receive special pricing for their products. Reach out to us for details and pricing! 


We do standard Serrated bread and carving knives (we can sharpen micro-serrated to a point <pardon the pun> but the micros serrations will not specifically be re-grooved, however you will see improvement in most cases after sharpening).

We also sharpen various ceramic blades.  


We pride ourselves on the quality of product you will receive back and do not cut corners on our sharpening services. We sharpen with systems that induce very little, if any, heat into the products so any temper changes in product steel is minimized.

We test edge sharpness on our BESS Certified Edge Sharpness Tester and can provide you with the before and after readings if requested. 


Please inquire for specific pricing and multi-product pricing we offer.