Amy D
Hamlet of Varna • 

A shout out to Jeff Spada who owns and operates To the Point Sharpening. He sharpened a number of my kitchen knives and gardening tools. Wow! I know the beauty of a well sharpened knife and mine had long been neglected. That is no longer the case. I was nervous having a custom handmade knife that was gifted to me sharpened, but I had no need to worry. All of the knives came out beautiful and they are so lovely to use again. Jeff even provided before/after BESS (“sharpness”) readings. In addition, he disassembled the garden tools. Then, cleaned, sharpened and reassembled them. Service was very quick: I dropped everything off late Sunday afternoon and it was all ready to be picked up on Thursday. Pricing is reasonable and the customer service excellent. Jeff is so friendly and personable. Thank you for reviving this business. It is so great to have this service available in the area.


Arnaud G
• Dryden•

I second that! Love our knives again!!!


Amy D
Author • Hamlet of Varna•

talk to Jeff!! He’s fantastic and his work is outstanding. I’ve been looking for a place around Ithaca to have my knives sharpened for years and I’m so happy he started up his business a few months ago.


Jason K
• Ithaca/ Brooktondale•

Jeff Spada truly did great work sharpening multiple scissors for us.


Laurie S

• Hamlet of Varna•

I brought Jeff 9 pairs of scissors and 3 knives....he sharpened them beautifully and promptly! So glad to have this business is in Ithaca.